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From Colalife to the American Embassy in one step

I just got a tweet from Julian (right!) to say that he and Steph (aka Georgia Wonder) will be playing at the American Embassy on election night. Why is this significant? Well the last job Julian did was the sound effects for the ColaLife video. Oh, and before that they were supporting Mick Hucknall. Thanks […]

Coca-Cola invites ColaLife to Dar Es Salaam!

Image credit: Rory McCann Following on from last week’s excitment around our application to Google’s Project 10^100 and the associated ColaLife video, there is another significant development. True to his word, Salvatore Gabola of Coca-Cola has invited me to a 2-day stakeholder meeting in Dar Es Salaam on 25-26 November to discuss the findings of […]

ColaLife Video for Google’s Project 10^100 Goes Live

Here it is, the 30 sec video to support the ColaLife submission to Goggle’s Project 10^100 (10 to the 100th). Please go and look at it on YouTube. It’s a thing of beauty! Please can I also ask you to comment on it on YouTube and rate it (highly?). It’s worth clicking the ‘watch in […]

Application submitted to Google’s Project 10^100

At 19:15 BST the ColaLife idea was submitted to Google’s Project 10^100. What happens next? Google will now select 100 of the ideas they receive and publish these on 27 January 2009 and ask everyone to vote for the ones they like to see supported. The top 20 will then go to a panel of […]

Genius begins to emerge . . .

Here’s a preview of the bottles and faces to be used in the video. Luke‘s avoided using the classic Coca-Cola shape to avoid copyright problems. In the final version all faces will be different (and they will be exciting in other ways too!). Watch this space.

ColaLife Google Video: The dream team gathers . . .

I always say that “The Genius is in the Network” (but wasn’t the first to say it) and I’m proved right time and time again. Last night I scribbled a storyboard for the ColaLife Google video in the train. When I got home I put it on this blog. I put a message out to […]

Storyboard: ColaLife video for the Google 10^100 application

How about this for a storyboard for the video to support the Google 10^100 application? Thanks to Howard lake for getting the creative juices running! I am now going to contact all the animators and musicians I know to see if they can realise this. Click on the image to see it full-size.

More ideas for the pilot phase

Adrian Ristow writes: During my time in New York in September I took advantage of the influx of leaders from the development community to meet with a few potential partners and advisors for the MDC project. There are lots of ways to use this growing network of Manual Distribution Centres. As well as piloting the […]

ORS / ORT at the heart of new Unicef campaign

My neighbour and ColaLife fan, Ruth, came around this morning with a mailshot she’d received from Unicef. She’s a Unicef supporter. Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT) and Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) were at the heart of the Unicef campaign, helping to make the point that so much can be done with so little money. The leaflet […]

DRAFT submission to Google’s Project 10^100

Here is a first go at answers to the questions asked by Google’s Project 10^100. We’ve posted them here so others can comment and make the submission better. The answers are in bold. Please comment or send suggestions to sxberry[at]gmail[dot]com. Thanks. All this information will appear on the public site as part of your submission. […]