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ColaLife gets Ads

With thanks to Rich Hurst, ColaLife now has a series of banner adverts! Please add these to your blogs and websites! Click on the ads below to get the full size designs. Basic blog buttons are coming soon. Full instructions on how to incorporate these Ads into your website or blog are provided here. These […]

Sustainability: building a system with people not for people

Image credit: Tielman Nieuwoudt Here’s the latest from Adrian Ristow who’s been leading the research into Coca-Cola distribution in east Africa: A bit of a gap in communication from me – but my August has been a bit different this year; I had to spend some time back in South Africa on some other work. […]

Calling all innovative designers

Let’s project ourselves 12 weeks into the future and imagine that by then Coca-Cola will have committed to undertake trials of our idea in east Africa. And let’s imagine all the answers we will have to come up with. Like “How are we going to incorporate non-Coke items in Coca-Cola crates?” Questions like this spark […]

5,500 – a significant number

Over the next couple of days the number of members of the ColaLife Facebook Group is likely to reach 5,500. This is a lot of support and a force to be reckoned with. Coincidentally, it’s also the approximate number of children, under the age of 5, who will die in Africa over the next 24 […]

ColaLife Buzz Monitor now in place

We now have a place to go to monitor all the talk about the ColaLife. The ColaLife Aggregator has been built using Pageflakes and draws items from: This ColaLife Blog – Blog posts picked by Technorati and Google Blog Search References to ColaLife on Twitter Bookmarks with the ‘colalife’ tag in Delicious Pictures from […]

Mothers tell their story

I first found this video heavily embedded in the Save The Children’s Kroo Bay site. But it’s also on YouTube so I’m able to place it right here. This is the sort of despair this campaign is trying to stop. More videos from Save the Children.

Thanks to talkSPORT listeners

The Facebook Group numbers were up by more than the usual this morning thanks to talkSPORT listeners across the country. Thanks to all those who followed through from the interview that went out in the very early hours of this morning. We are now 5,710. I got a call while on the train yesterday morning […]

ORS – the ‘magic bullet’

I have been searching for weeks for good photographs to show the impact Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) can have on a child with dehydration from diarrhoea. Then a member of the ColaLife Google Group came to my rescue, pointing me to a scientific paper published in 1994 with these amazing pictures showing a girl and […]

Belching Out the Devil: Global Adventures with Coca-Cola by Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas and his publishers have done a brilliant job promoting his new book. A feature article in the Guardian (who are also selling his book) and a long interview on Radio 4’s You & Yours on 26/9/08. This will result on lots of people searching for the book and hopefully this post will pop up in […]

Google’s Project 10^100

Project 10100 Google’s Project 10100 looks like a good opportunity for ColaLife which I will be looking in to.  Any ideas on how to complete the submission form will be very gratefully received. Please leave comment on this post. Below is the promotional video for the Google project.