Adrian reports from the UN

Adrian Ristow writes:

My first time at UN week (22-26 September, 2008) in New York.

Wow, what an experience! I knew that there was something special on the go when I couldn’t get near the entrance to my hotel because the secret service had blocked off a number of roads in Manhattan.

In between the anxiety caused by the financial crisis in the US and the Presidential debate I am pleased to say that there was quite a lot of discussion about the Millennium Development Goals and a lot of focus on Africa as well at many different events.

Besides the main UN events, there were a number of development focused events taking place, the most notable that I had some involvement with being the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI).

A real highlight of the week for me was being able to attend the awards ceremony of the CGI which recognizes individual commitment to the world’s major problems. It was a treat to be able to sit right next to the stage and hear James Taylor singing an awesome version of ‘Friend’ – hopefully a prophetic statement from those gathered in New York towards Africa.


Adrian Ristow, has been reporting here, on the ColaLife blog, on the research being carried out by Coca-Cola into their distribution network in Tanzania and Ethiopia.