Google’s Project 10^100

Project 10100

Google’s Project 10100 looks like a good opportunity for ColaLife which I will be looking in to.  Any ideas on how to complete the submission form will be very gratefully received. Please leave comment on this post. Below is the promotional video for the Google project.


  1. Simon –
    This looks great and certainly worth a go! If you need any help, let me know!

  2. This is a serious proposal. Congratulations to Google on its anniversary and its charitably ambitious endeavor. Many good program ideas will be submitted. Is there one idea that can begin to solve all the problems in the world?

    With all the greed and selfishness on the globe, with all the trillions spent on programs, is there a better solution?
    I went on a blog that says the egoism in the world must be replaced with altruism. The group on this blog has been dealing with this topic every day.