Thanks to talkSPORT listeners

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The Facebook Group numbers were up by more than the usual this morning thanks to talkSPORT listeners across the country. Thanks to all those who followed through from the interview that went out in the very early hours of this morning. We are now 5,710.

I got a call while on the train yesterday morning from talkSPORT Radio to ask if I’d do an interview for The Ultimate Later Night Show with Adrian Goldberg. Adrian has been supporting the ColaLife Campaign from the very early days and has featured it on The Stirrer Blog. – ‘news that matters, campaigns that count’. I hadn’t realised that Adrian also hosted the talkSPORT Show.

Thanks for being so generous with your networks Adrian . . . we must meet up some time and I must buy you a beer!


  1. Dr. Magdalena Serpa MD-MPH says

    This is an excellent idea. How can I get involved?

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