Breakfast with James Alexander

Change The World For Fiver
I set off for London at the crack of dawn this morning to have a breakfast meeting with my old friend James Alexander. We were brought together again by one of Kate‘s press releases. James has been holding the interim CEO post at We Are What We Do. I first came across We Are What We Do when I met Eugenie Harvey when she was promoting her amazing book ‘Change the World for a Fiver‘. If you haven’t got this book – buy it – it’s an inspiration. Here’s an interview with Eugenie from the delicious ambitious site:
Eugenie Harvey Video Still
Anyway, We Are What We Do are about getting lots of people to do small things to bring about big change. That’s what this campaign feels like. Lot’s of people have taken a moment to show their support by joining the ColaLife Facebook Group and we are making great progress as a result. However, We Are What We Do are experts getting people to do another small thing, and then another small thing . . . . which woud be good expertise to have access to. We will be looking at how we can work together on the ColaLife Campaign.


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