First ColaLife Meet-up

Colalife cooks
The first ever face-to-face meeting of ColaLife took place on 14/8/08 in Nunhead, London. I kick myself for forgetting to take any pictures during the event so you’ll have to make do with this one. This is Jane, Emma and Andrew (in the background) – the cooks – and was taken as people were arriving. The conversation was then so continuous and interesting that the camera was forgotten about.

It was more ‘getting to know each other’ than ‘action-plan-focussed meeting’; more questions than answers. It was great for me to meet my co-admin on the Facebook Group, Kate Andrews, for the first time. Kate has had a huge impact with her writing and contacts which has reached people outside of Facebook.

It was also great to meet Ian Crawford who has also worked hard to promote the campaign. Ian provided a useful summary of those questions:

  • Can we get the RSA and more fellows involved?
  • Would it be beneficial to create a competition brief (e.g. RSA Design Directions / Design21 / Core 77)?
  • How can we use the Coke packaging itself, could it be altered to create a lifestraw for example?
  • How can we use the “negative” space that will be left in the crates?
  • What problem do we want to solve?
  • Where would the project be taking place?
  • What would we be sending – rehydration salts?
  • What doesn’t manage to get distributed successfully at the moment?
  • Should we look into hosting an event?
  • How can we get demographic data from the Facebook group and do we need to?
  • Should we work together with an NGO? Who?

Web 2.0’s Social Reporter, David Wilcox was also there. I’ve known David for more than a decade and we have done some really interesting projects together over the years, including this one. All the video associated with the ColaLife campaign, to date, has been done by David.

Dave Briggs had to attend to last minute family matters and so couldn’t be with us. Dave has written about the campaign on and built this website for us.

We did decide that we now needed a workplan. Watch this space . . .


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  2. […] First face-to-face meet-up of the ColaLife […]