6th Facebook Newsletter – 17/7/08

17/7/08 – 6th Newsletter

Simon Berry sent a message to the members of Let’s talk to Coca Cola about saving the World’s children.

Subject: 6th Newsletter – Coca-Cola Rehydration Campaign

Dear All

Well it’s been another exciting couple of weeks: a slot on the BBC
World Service; interest from the makers of the Life Straw; an update
from Coca-Cola’s man in Tanzania, and over 3,350 supporters and
growing! Thank you all for your continued support to the campaign.

Here is a summary of progress since the 5th Newsletter update on 6 July.

Please forward this to anyone you think may be interested in joining the Facebook Group:

1. BBC World Service Interview
I went to Bush House last Sunday at 5:45am to be part of The World Today programme. You can listen to the interview here:

2. Ethiopia and Tanzania Research
The story of the frontline research into Coca-Cola’s distribution
network is slowly developing. Have you got any questions? Please
comment on the blog posts here:

3. Are Life Straws part of the answer?
Through the Facebook Group contact has been made with
Vestergaard-Frandsen who manufacture the amazing ‘LifeStraw’ – a
personal water filter that you carry around your neck!

4. WaterAid Report
WaterAid released a report on 8 July to coincide with the G8 Summit
which highlighted the issues we are concerned about here. A key point
is that the most cost-effective activity that we can engage in is
awareness raising in the areas of hygiene and sanitation. This
highlights the importance of the educational aspects of what we are
trying to achieve. You can read more about it here:

5. Aims, objectives and activities of this group
A smaller sub-group has been set up using Google Groups to enable
discussions, file sharing etc. It is open to everyone to look at or
join. We’ve been discussing our aims and objectives with a view to
different people taking on different activities. You can join or view

Finally, please do forward this email to your friends and ask them,
please, to join the Facebook group (and invite their friends):

The continued growth of the group means people are taking notice and offering help: we continue to make amazing progress.

Onwards and upwards



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