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The latest from Tanzania

I’ve just found this fantastic set of photos by tielmann on Flickr with images of Coca-Cola’s ‘Manual Distribution’ from around the world. Meanwhile, here’s the latest note from Adrian Ristow, who’s now working with Coca-Cola in Tanzania, where he’s collecting local opinions and ideas. On the way, he’s been in the USA, talking to experienced […]

6th Facebook Newsletter – 17/7/08

17/7/08 – 6th Newsletter Simon Berry sent a message to the members of Let’s talk to Coca Cola about saving the World’s children. ——————– Subject: 6th Newsletter – Coca-Cola Rehydration Campaign Dear All Well it’s been another exciting couple of weeks: a slot on the BBC World Service; interest from the makers of the Life […]

Ethiopia – innovation against the odds

This message comes to us from Adrian in Addis Ababa, where he recently spent a day meeting some of the independent local distributors working on the Manual Distribution Centre (MDC) model that Coca-Cola has promoted. Although their main focus for analysis is Tanzania, they were guided to gather some comparative data from Ethiopia where the […]

BBC World Service Interview – 13/7/08

Here is today’s interview on the BBC World Service. I was expecting something much more linked up. During the week we’d talked about linking it to the WaterAid publication (Tackling the silent killer) that came out last week to coincide with the G8 Summit. In the end it was a standalone slot just 4 minutes […]

Coca-Cola Campaign to be discussed on the BBC World Service

On Sunday (13/7/08) at 5am (BST) I’ll be on my bike on my way to BBC Bush House for the Weekend edition of The World Today on the BBC World Service. I’ll be discussing the Coca-Cola Campaign with a panel of people which includes a Professor of Econmic Development from Kenya who will be in […]

So, what is the intrepid Adrian up to?

Last week, we heard from Adrian Ristow, an independent contractor now working with Coca-cola in Africa, doing some on-the-ground research into what makes local distribution models work. He’s now going to look at whether there is mileage in our idea to distribute rehydration salts as part of his work, as the research in the field […]

One reason why WaterAid are reluctant to engage

There has been a lot of activity going on behind the scenes recently in our efforts to get an international NGO to engage with the Coca-Cola Campaign. As I have indicated on the Facebook Group this is going to be a challenge. The biggest leap forward came yesterday from an extremely helpful person in DfID […]

5th Facebook Newsletter – 6/7/08

6/7/08 – 5th Newsletter Simon Berry sent a message to the members of Let’s talk to Coca Cola about saving the World’s children. ——————– Subject: 5th Newsletter – Coca-Cola Rehydration Campaign Dear All Thank you all for your continued support to the campaign. Here is a summary of progress since the 4th Newsletter update. 1. […]

Meet Adrian Ristow

The research into Coca-Cola’s distribution network in Ethopia and Tanzania, first mentioned here, is now underway and Adrian is the man on the ground. Despite the inevitable connectivity issues that we will face, Adrian has undertaken to keep a dialogue going on the work he is doing and the people he meets. This picture was […]

Guerilla Report on Saturday Live

Just emailed ‘Saturday Live‘ suggesting that the Coca-Cola campaign be featured in their ‘Guerilla Report’ slot. Let’s see what happens.