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Using Coca Cola’s Distribution Muscle

Photo credits: Right: Nick Gripton Left: Marie-II Today, via a tweet, I was invited by Number 10 to join a live blog of the Business Call To Action event. As the commentary scrolled by, Coca Cola made a statement and it reminded me of an idea that first came to me some 20 years ago, […]

Calling Annie Lennox and Coca Cola

If you’ve come here from the iPM Blog, please consider joining the campaign on Facebook:  Let’s talk to Coca Cola about saving the World’s children Thanks. An incredible coincidence has happened, involving this lovely woman – and it might even save some children’s lives. A couple of weeks ago I finally got around to blogging […]

What Annie Lennox said

By some miracle my PC and Radio Shark did record last Sunday’s (11/5/08) Desert Island Discs. Unfortunately it’s a very poor recording but this is what Annie Lennox said. Just to put it into context, after talking about her passion for AIDS camapigns in South Africa and the fact that she’s set up her own […]

Please join the Coca Cola Campaign Facebook Group

The Coca Cola idea seems to have captured people’s imagination and it now has its own Facebook Group where numbers are growing fast. Please join the group and invite your friends. If we can get the numbers up then perhaps we can get to talk to a decision maker at Coca Cola. You’ll find the […]

Interview with Eddie Mair for iPM

The interview with Eddie Mair went ahead today – what a nice man! He is even more amusing off air than he it on air! Because of the nature of the iPM programme they are happy for me to publish the whole interview here ahead of the programme on Saturday. How refreshing! [In fact they […]

You have built this …. they will come!

Today the Coca Cola facebook group has received a big boost in terms of content but I am a bit concerned that it is not growing as fast as it might. So PLEASE join if you haven’t done so already and invite your friends to do so as well. In terms of content. Fully narrated […]

Coca-Cola have responded!

Many thanks to Rupert Allman of the BBC for his work contacting Coca Cola over the last few days. This is just in via Rupert from Salvatore Gabola, Global Director Stakeholder Relations at Coca-Cola. I’ll be taking him up on his offer of a chat. We will get there a step at a time. “This […]

1st Facebook Newsletter – 23/5/08

23/5/07 – 1st Newsletter Simon Berry sent a message to the members of Let’s talk to Coca Cola about saving the World’s children. ——————– Subject: 1st Newsletter – Day 5 Dear All * 345 members/1,606 invited – but we need an extra effort to move into accelerated growth. * We have the support of experts […]