My letter to Annie Lennox of 30/5/08

Letter to Annie Lennox - 30/5/08

Here’s the transcript:

Dear Annie

On Desert Island Discs you said:

We can distribute Coca Cola all around the World but we can’t seem to get medication to save a child from something as simple as diarrhoea and I think that that is wrong. You know, you have a choice you either get involved with an issue or you walk away from it. I think it’s a human rights issue and I feel very passionately about human rights.

I was so delighted – I had to stop the car! I am trying to get Coca Cola to use their amazing distribution network in developing countries to distribute rehydration salts. Your comment inspired me to set up a facebook to gather people around this idea. For a week or so the group has been growing by about 2-3 per hour. Today it has really taken off and is growing at about 15 per hour.

You can read the full story of the campaign here:

Would you be willing to lend your support to this cause? A person of your stature would make an enormous difference and may mean we could actually make this happen.

I hope you get to see this letter.

With best wishes


Further information:
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  1. Funny enough, Bono said the same thing in a concert last year. Its funny how one comment can set off a chain reaction of such proportions. I’ve subscribed to your rss feed as i dont have a facebook (and dont want one – i use myspace pretty much exclusively for what i’m doing).

    In the coming days i’ll read about your initiative and if i can help in any way by blogging about it, i will – i have a wordpress i just started, two myspace’s, and two squidoo lenses… all to try and get word out about Africa and how people can help even doing little things. I found your blog through a friend of a friend, so it works ๐Ÿ™‚