3rd Facebook Newsletter – 29/5/08

29/5/08 – 3rd Newsletter

Simon Berry sent a message to the members of Let’s talk to Coca Cola about saving the World’s children.

Subject: Coca-Cola Group Update – 27/6/08

Dear Group Member

We are now nearly 2,500! Please consider forwarding this email to all your friends and ask them to join here: https://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=18947780476.
Numbers are everything! Before this group formed we made no progress at
all. The list below shows what we have achieved in just 6 weeks. Quite

We now have Coca-Cola’s attention. We are now trying to engage with an
international NGO. The full story of the campaign is here: https://beamends.typepad.com/simons_blog/

5,500 children under 5 die every day in Africa. This initiative could
save thousands and thousands of children’s lives through collaboration
between the private, NGO and Government sectors. And now we are talking.

Our progress to date:
* 18/5/08 facebook group formed
* 21/5/08 interviewed by Eddie Mair for the iPM Programme
* 23/5/08 written statement received from Coca-Cola – ‘willing to talk’
* 24/5/08 Featured on iPM (Radio 4)
* 24/5/08 Eve Graham (ex lead singer – The New Seekers) sang supporting lyrics to “I’d like to teach the world to sing”
* 1/6/08 Campaign nominated for the New Media Awards
* 5/6/08 Telephone conference with Coca Cola’s Global Head of Stakeholder Relations and UK counterpart
* 16/6/08 Face to face meeting with Coca-Cola in Brussels
* 23/6/08 Contact made with WaterAid
* 27/6/08 Contact made with Oxfam
* Membership includes a ‘frontline’ Rehydration Project in India
* Members of the group have posted: 7 videos; 35 links; 9 photos
* There have been 7 discussion threads started and 85 Wall Posts

Onwards and upwards