The idea behind the ColaLife campaign is more than 20 years old but got nowhere until there was a mechanism to promote it and people started supporting it. Then along came social media. Please become a fan of ColaLife on Facebook. A big thank you to all our Facebook supporters. Nothing would have happened without you. You got the BBC’s attention and they engaged Coca-Cola. That’s how this amazing journey started.

UK AID logoAs we moved from a cool campaign to getting something happening on the ground we needed serious support from big organisations. The first organisation to unconditionally support the ColaLife Operational Trial in Zambia (COTZ) was The Johnson & Johnson Corporate Citizenship Trust (J&JCCT) they don’t want any publicity, they just think ColaLife is an idea that needs testing and they wanted to make it happen. Next to come on board and our majority funder for the trial in Zambia was the UK’s Department for International Development (DfID).

With both the J&JCCT and DfID, the funding is important but the encouragement and the kudos we get from association with them is very valuable too.

Honda are another funder and have provided us with the funding to cover the transport for the ColaLife project management team and last but not least COMESA/TMSA provide us with office facilities, financial management assistance and funding for spreading the learning from ColaLife to other countries.

But ColaLife is more than COTZ and COTZ wouldn’t be there without people with trust in us to make big things happen. The list of ColaLife supporters is growing by the day. Here is a selection:

The World’s Best Hotels

The Worlds Best Hotels logo

Nigel Bolding, the Managing Director of The World’s Best Hotels, has taken the ColaLife cause to heart. He has put himself and his company behind ColaLife. Nigel was one of the three riders on the Boulogne to Biarritz cycling challenge and leveraged his network to raise significant funding. The funding raised during the ride was catalytic and has funded two trips to Zambia to build the partnership for the proposed pilot. His company has also provided free accommodation on trips undertaken by ColaLife staff.

The Funding Network

The Funding Network Logo
On 8 December 2011 we were invited to present the ColaLife project to the members of the Funding Network. The Funding Network is “The friendly Dragons’ Den for charities and potential donors. It is the UK’s first open giving circle and it creates social change through collective giving”. That evening those present pledged more than £50,000 to the five projects before them. Our share was £10,260 which we will use to help us establish systems in the UK to support our work in developing countries. We are very grateful for this generous support for our core function. This type of support is catalytic. It provides the springboard for us to raise the larger sums of money needed to undertake pilots, trials and eventually roll-outs on the ground.

Latest supporters

Rt Hon Hilary Benn, UK Secretary of State for International Development, 2003-2007 has provided us with a message of support to place here:

“ColaLife is a really imaginative, practical and worthwhile project which aims to help save people’s lives. I wish the trial every success and I hope you get all the support you deserve.”
Rt Hon Hilary Benn MP

Professor Don Nutbeam is our first Virtual Advisory Board member. We really appreciate Don’s support and thank him for putting his trust in us.

Thanks to the ArtPlatform and its collaborating artists Sherina Rezvani pour and Eric Olsen for pledging art to ColaLife. We are also grateful to ArtPlatform and WinterGoose Publishing for dedicating the proceeds to the Inspiration Speaks publication to ColaLife.

We have been provided with free access to the online collaboration tool, huddle, through the CTX Programme. We use huddle for collaboration with partners, contractors, volunteers and supporters. It allows us to manage projects, link up with web conferencing and share files. Thanks to the people at Huddle. This is a particularly valuable tool for ColaLife. It provides a neutral space for unlikely alliances to come together and work together.

StudioPress Screenshot

StudioPress | Copyblogger Media
Thanks to Craig Tuller and the team at StudioPress for gifting us their super Genesis Framework | Corporate theme – this has moved us to the next level in terms of our online presence.

Thanks to Richard Potter, a member of the executive for the International Development Summit at Warwick (WIDS), for his skills in putting this poster together.

Thanks to Tim Dench of TOAD for these great pictures from Mikindani in Tanzania.

Through the CTX Programme we were donated a license for the use of Huddle which we use for project management.

Bates Wells & Braithwaite Logo
Pro bono legal advice. The registration of ColaLife as Company Limited by Guarantee. Special thanks to Abbie Rumbold and Erica Crump.

Colalife t-shirt

Thanks to Kenneth Gee for generously providing ‘in your face’ printed T-Shirts and Sweat Shirts.
They are here: Kenneth Gee Overall Manufacturing Co., 138 Richmond Road, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, KT2 5EZ. 020 8546 2056.

The team at theWorkshop in Sheffield are in the process of building the biggest AidPod in the world! The time lapse sequence will be published when they’ve finished! Thanks guys.

Banner Ad carriers

We are very grateful to the bloggers who have supported the campaign. Here is a list of those who carry one of our Banner Ads:

The Layyman
Real World Travel Guide – the banner is placed right at the top of their homepage – thank you!
Liga Menor – thanks to Rogelio Samayoa
Victor Haze’s blog – thanks Victor
Windmill Creek Studios – thanks to Eric Olson
DPS Motorsport – thanks to Dan
La Vida – Los Watcheros – thanks to Mary D. Haroutyounyan – thanks to Liz Azyan – Osocio is dedicated to social advertising and non-profit campaigns. It’s the place where marketing and activism collide. Thanks to Marc.
Africa Gathering – Thanks to Edward
Lessons in Balance – Thanks to Barbara Uechi

Global Links Initiative – thanks to Libby, Fan Li & crew is the first! – thanks to Arseny Vesnin.
Kona Yoga – thanks to Barbara Uechi.
Laid off 101 – thanks to Brandan.
thriving too – thanks to Tessy Britton. – thanks to Jill Fehrenbacher and Jason Sahler!
ecomonkey – thanks to Rachel Lalchan
Watfordgap’s Travels – thanks to Paul Webster
Paul Tate’s Blog – thanks Paul

Design Weak


BBC Logo
The BBC has provided two broadcast opportunities for the campaign: first on the Radio 4 iPM programme and secondly on Weekend World Today (World Service).

Moo, the company I have used to produce the amazing ColaLife Business Cards, have agreed to provide a substantial discount on future orders. Thanks Moo.

Inhabitat Logo carried a story by Kate Andrews on 29/7/08 which led to a huge surge in growth of the campaign. Thanks guys!

Trovus Revelations Logo
Trovus Revelations have supported ColaLife from the very early days so that we know exactly who visits the ColaLife website and why. Thank you Trovus!

Treehugger Logo
The carried the ColaLife story on 30/7/08 and this gave another boost to the Campaign. Thanks to everyone at published Hesseltje S. van Goor’s article on 6/8/08. Thanks to everyone at

El Mercurio, Chile
El Mercurio, one of the leading national daily newspapers in Chile, was the first newspaper to cover the ColaLife campaign and effectively launched the campaign in South America. You can see the coverage here.

Podnosh Logo
Nick Booth, at podnosh, doesn’t stop. He has made every conceivable link between the ColaLife and his network. Thanks Nick.

global tolerance logo
Simon Cohen and Ellie Stoneley of global tolerance gave crucial helpful advice in the preparation for the first meeting with Coca-Cola.

Optimist Logo
Optimist World provided early publicity for the campaign at



Thanks to everyone who has become a fan on Facebook. As soon as this group was established doors started to open.

Kate Andrews
Kate Andrews joined as Administrator of the Facebook Group and has used her contacts and writing skills to take the campaign to a whole new level, dramatically increasing the visibility of the campaign outside Facebook. Kate blogs here.

David Wilcox
David Wilcox has provided encouragement and advice from the start and produced most of the video for the campaign so far. David blogs at

Dave Briggs
It’s thanks to Dave Briggs that the campaign has a website! Thanks Dave. Dave blogs at

Ian Crawford
Ian Crawford’s portfolio is here and has been helping promote the ColaLife campaign outside of Facebook and been asking challenging questions!

eddie_mair rupert_allman george_south Jennifer Tracey of iPM
Eddie Mair | Rupert Allman | George South | Jennifer Tracey
These guys from the BBC’s Radio 4 iPM team produced an amazing feature on the campaign when it was in its early stages. Jennifer Tracey then did a follow-up interview at the 2gether08 Festival which David Wilcox filmed. You can see the video here.

More to come . . .