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Our project office in Lusaka

The COTZ* Project office is at Suite no 3, Nkhata House, Thabo Mbeki Road, Lusaka, Zambia which is located here:

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Physical address:

Suite no 3
Nkhata House
Thabo Mbeki Road
[There is no postal service in Zambia but items sent by courier (eg DHL or FedEx) will be delivered here]

GPS coordinates: S15.23.747′ E28.19.330′

Mobile: +260 9755 72175
Skype: sxberry

*COTZ = ColaLife Operational Trial Zambia



  1. Vicki_macdonald says:

    You have an interesting business model that I would like to tap into for a diarrhea treatment project in Africa.  It is very difficult to contact you directly to discuss a potential partnership.  Too much twitter and social media. 

  2. Hi Vicki – I will email you – but just for the record, my telephone number, email address and Skype ID are all on this page :-)

  3. William Relyvelde says:


    How to donate from Europe? CharityGiving works from the UK only.

    Greetings, William

    • i thought it was worth posting my response to William here for the benefit of others:

      Dear William

      Thanks for contacting us via the blog and for considering a donation.

      We have the following options for donating, I’m not sure which will be best for you. The preference for us leading up to Christmas is that you use option 3 as we are trying to earn a permanent presence on Global Giving and to do that we need to raise $5,000 by Christmas. They also have some match-funding offers running at the moment – for example – all donations made on 4 December EST will get 30% added by Global Giving:
      Online donations in UK Pounds. You can pay in pounds using most credit and debit cards even if they are not on UK pound accounts. IF you are a UK tax payer (it sounds like you are not) then we can collect the tax you have paid on your donation which increases the value of the donation by 20+%. However, you don’t have to be a UK tax payer to use this donation option. The link for this option is here:

      Offline donations in any currency. We can accept cheques by post and the details of how to do this are here:

      Donations in US Dollars. As of yesterday we are also able to accept donations in US Dollars. If you click the ‘Donate’ button on the following link you will given various payment options including: online credit/debit card, PayPal and cheque. IF you are a US tax payer (it sounds like you are not) then we can collect the tax you have paid on your donation which increases its value. Again, you do not need to be a US tax payer to use this option. This is the link for these options:

      I’m afraid we are not able to reclaim tax of donations for tax payers outside the US or the UK.

      Please get back to me if you have any further questions.

      With best wishes


  4. Yiorgos M. says:

    Have you thought of using a crowd funding site such as kickstarter or indiegogo to help raise funds?

    • Thanks for your question. We used a UK-based crowd funding platform called Buzzbnk in the very early days and the team that produced the ColaLife Documentary – The Cola Road – used indiegogo to raise the funding for that. We may use indiegogo in the future.

  5. Rahul Jain says:

    We want to screen the documentary in two rural colleges of Northeast India in a documentary screening sessions on entrepreneurship. These are free screenings. We are willing to pay you $20 per screening based on the budget we have. We know this is way too less for the cause you have espoused. Ours is an NGO that promotes documentary as an educational, and character-building tool. We want to make documentaries mainstream in India.


    Rahul Jain
    Secretary, Film & Cultural Society of North East
    Guwahati, Assam

    • Contact has been made with Rahul via email and the film will be screened twice this February. Jane and Simon Berry and the film’s maker, Claire Ward will participate in a Q&A via Skype after the screening.


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