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Here you can scroll through, zoom in and pan around the past KYTS Dashboards. For an explanation of the dashboard click here.

If browser doesn’t support pan and zoom you can view the dashboards in Flickr here.

A full explanation of the latest dashboard (Release 4) can be downloaded here (PDF 3 MB).

4-Nov-16 – UPDATE
Our dashboards are useful tools to reveal reported trends in stock levels, prices and sales. We compile them by asking fieldworkers to record key information during, or shortly after, support visits to micro-retailers. We have taken this approach because these small retailers rarely keep accurate written records. We are able to check what retailers report – for example, by observing stock in the shop, prices advertised and point of sale materials displayed.

We triangulate reported sales in the last week by comparing actual ex-factory sales with what retailers estimate they have sold.  After investigating reported sales over a test period, we find that weekly sales are over-reported by some retailers; when estimations are aggregated, this distorts our typical average sales figures. Average reported sales per retailer tends therefore to be higher than actual sales.

We are improving this by changing the weekly sales question and asking fieldworkers to probe more closely. We are working to see how we might get a better estimate of sales during support visits to retailers.

We have no concerns about the other KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) shown on the dashboards below, or about the general ‘direction of travel’ of sales.

February 2017

Coming soon.


January 2017

Month-end (27-Jan-17) and week 3.



December 2016

Month-end (22-Dec-16), week 3 and week 2.



November 2016

Month-end and week 2.
Welcome to Release 7.5 of the Dashboard which now tracks the performance of the newly introduced Kit Yamoyo ESSENTIAL as well as the original Kit Yamoyo. Kit Yamoyo ESSENTIAL has no soap and has a cheaper ex-factory price. There are more details on Kit Yamoyo ESSENTIAL here.



October 2016

Month-end, week 4 and week 2.



September 2016

Month-end, week 2 and week 1. The Week 2 commentary is available here.



August 2016

Month-end and week 3.



July 2016

Month-end and Week 1.



June 2016



May 2016



April 2016

This month we have enhanced the dashboard in two ways. Now it shows the percentage of contacts with retailers that was face-to-face as opposed to phone and it also shows the numbers of retailers trained. Face to face contact is crucial as this provides an opportunity to re-stock retailers with low or zero stock. Retailers without stock can’t sell!



March 2016

Mar-16 saw the introduction of Release 3.0 of the dashboard which analyses the key performance indicators for each of the districts we are now active in. Blank progress pie charts indicate that retailers have yet to be recruited in those districts but their recruitment is imminent. Previous dashboards only analysed to provincial level.



February 2016

In Feb-16 Relaese 2.0 of the dashboard was implemented. This expanded the dashboard to cover two new provinces: Central and Western. Target indicators were also introduced in Release 2.0 for the first time.



January 2016



December 2015



November 2015



October 2015



September 2015




August 2015




July 2015






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